Thanh Son Airport Urban

Project Location Phan Rang-Thap Cham City
Area 4465.7 ha
Design Year 2022
Lead Architect Nguyen Thu Phong
Structural Engineers
Project Manager
Client Trung Nam Group

The airport urban model needs to face many problems to ensure its sustainable development. Therefore, the development strategy of small cities ensures to solve the specific problems of each region while still supporting each other towards the common development goal.

The service city is located at the urban gateway: the airport, the North-South railway, the North-South high-speed railway. It provides logistics services and other travel services.

The technology city focuses on developing new technology fields such as the aerospace industry, or high-tech parks that attract the brains not only of the country but also of large corporations in the world.

The energy city adjacent to National Highway 1A will focus on developing industries using clean energy sources. This place is not only a focal point for the development of energy-producing industrial parks, but also a place to support the formation of headquarters of large technology corporations in the world, requiring large amounts of electricity. .

High-tech agricultural city is not only a place to develop advanced forms of agricultural cultivation suitable for the environment and improve the environment, but also a buffer zone between the airport area and other urban areas to ensure the safety of the environment. control the development of the airport area, and avoid negative impacts on existing residential communities.