On International Day of Happiness, March 20, in Hanoi, the Scientific Union for Sustainable Tourism Development (STDe) held a talkshow "Healing with Nature: Perspectives and contributions of interdisciplinary science". This event is in the series of activities of the national target program "For a happy Vietnam".



From the view of architecture, M.Arch. Nguyen Thu Phong, Vice President of the Vietnam Association of Architects, CEO of Nhavui XS Studio gave the opinion: "Human beings have direct harmony with nature through contact in the climate environment, landscape environment, ecological environment of daily production labor... All architectural works are placed in a specific spatial context, solving specific problems with the surrounding natural environment. Therefore, the ideas of Ecological Architecture always consider the dialogue between the building and nature as the top criterion to express evaluation or construction as a guideline before design.”

He added: "Eco-architecture is like a thoughtful hyphen, a skillful creation so that people can still use the basic functions of the building but in the most complete natural landscape. Architecture will be humble in the smallest and most optimal size with materials from the closet nature. At that time, the emotional quality and harmony in the relationship between People - Architecture - Nature are identical, throughout.”

Starting from the view and role of ecological architecture with humans and nature, Arch. Nguyen Thu Phong led Nhavui XS Studio team to form the Hero House project chain. The Hero House series of ecological projects is to bring people back and protect nature through the sense of responsibility of young people. The common characteristics of Hero House projects are in National Parks and closely linked to environmental protection, care and protection of wild animals with the enthusiastic participation of the Volunteer Force around the country gathered by the "Vietnamese nature-loving families" Community. After nearly 8 years of launching, 3 Hero Houses have been born: Hero House 1 - Nui Chua National Park, Ninh Thuan (2017), Hero House 2 - Bu Gia Map National Park, Binh Phuoc (2020) and Hero House 3 - Nam Cat Tien National Park, Dong Nai (2023).



From a tourism perspective, Dr. Nguyen Thu Hanh, President of STDe said: "Many people often simply think that nature is a part of life, but many studies have proven that, only when immersing and communicating with nature, people have just experienced countless wonderful things that they have never known before... Nature is the most effective medicine to help calm the nervous system, promote the spirit of creativity, enhance generosity, resilience and the ability to connect between people... In the process of exploiting nature, due to greed and limited vision and knowledge, people have accidentally or intentionally seriously damaged the rich resources of the nature... In the 21st century, people need to focus on the issue of "healing" with nature, “healing” the injuries and pain caused to “Mother” earth during the recent resource exploitation process by people.”

Discussing the role of nature in healing, Dr. Phan Tat Thu offers ways to heal with nature such as: Contact with the natural environment (walking in the park, admiring natural scenery, breathing the air fresh from the forest...), Listen to natural sounds (birds singing, water flowing, ocean waves, wind whispering...), Bring nature into your home, Outdoor activities (hiking, camping, yoga, meditation...), Use natural therapies (herbal baths, massage with essential oils...). The above methods help increase the production of serotonin - a hormone that brings a feeling of happiness and joy.



(Source: tapchikientruc.com.vn, 1thegioi.vn, nhandan.vn)