From September 17-23, 2023 at Boracay island, Philippines, Founder Nhavui XS Studio - Ma. Arch Nguyen Thu Phong with 2 architects and 3 students attended the 20th Asian Congress of Architects - ARCASIA 20 as the Vietnam’s delegates. The event organized by the Philippine Association of Architects




Asian Congress of Architects (ACA) is a major regional conference held every two years and coinciding with the Council meeting. It is more than a conference for the intellectual exchange of current architectural ideas; it is a memorable convivial occasion that combines cultural activities of the participants.

ARCASIA 20 was the 20th Congress with the alternation of Forum years. It has continuously taken place for 43 years. This year's event had the participation of 22 member countries with 693 delegates. This year, the Vietnamese delegation participated modestly with only 6 members, but won 3 prestigious awards: 1 Gold award for architects, 1 Gold and 1 Silver for students (only 3 student groups from Macau, Nepal and Korea shared the bronze award).




Key information at ARCASIA 20:

1. The Council includes a president, 3 vice presidents in charge of the 3 regions of South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia, 5 official committees (Education, Practice, Green, Youth and Social Responsibility), action programs and former leaders' club. All member organizations met for 1 day, the Professional Workshop for 1 day, the Congress for 2 days (each country had 2 official representatives), listened to national reports, council reports and elected personnel for the next issues.

2. The activities of architectural students were also quite rich as exchanges, private seminars, sports and tourism, and art rehearsals and performances. This year's conference had more than 50 students from member countries.

3. ARCASIA 20 organized many parties with impressive nuances: Welcome Dinner opening party, former leaders party, Pool Party (students underwater all evening), Finesta Party performance party and final farewell party Friendship Night.

4. Next time in 2024, Sri Lanka will host the annual meeting, and in 2025, Korea will host the forum in Incheon city.



Vietnam hosted the 32nd Asian Congress of Architects Conference and the 16th Asian Architects Forum in Da Nang. Vietnam left a deep impression on many representatives of the countries.

This is the second time after 17 years, in 2007, Arch Nguyen Thu Phong and his teacher, Arch Khuong Van Muoi represented Vietnam in Sri Lanka attending the Asian Congress of Architects.