As Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Architects, Ma.Arch Nguyen Thu Phong -Chairman and CEO of Nha Vui Group holded two important positions as the chairman and key speaker of the seminar "Bac Giang - Sacred Land".


The program "Bac Giang - Sacred Land" was co-organized by the Vietnam Young Architects Club, the Leaders of the People's Committee of Bac Giang Province, the Young Architects Club in the Northern Midlands and Mountains, and the Bac Giang Young Architects Club from July 21-23, 2023 in Bac Giang province.


With many practical and meaningful activities, the program "Bac Giang - Sacred Land" was a series of events for young architects at the regional level, bringing together nearly 300 domestic architects with diverse activities such as architectural seminars, exchange, learning, architectural exhibition with the theme "New building materials technology", sightseeing tours and charity work...



The program had the participation of famous experts in the field of architecture and planning: Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Son - Deputy Director of Bac Giang Department of Construction, Dr.Architect Phan Dang Son - Chairman of Vietnam Association of Architects, Ma.Architect Nguyen Thu Phong - Vice President of Vietnam Association of Architects, Arch Pham Khanh Toan - Director of Architectural Practice Development Center - Vietnam Architects Association, Arch Tran Phuoc Hoa Binh - Chairman of Vietnam Young Architects Club...



The highlight of the program was the seminar "Bac Giang Rural Architecture and Planning contributing to sustainable development". The seminar had the participation of many famous architects in architectural planning in Vietnam, who contributed valuable ideas to the architectural planning of Bac Giang.


As Vice President of the Vietnam Association of Architects, Ma.Arch Nguyen Thu Phong - Chairman and CEO of Nha Vui Group, held two important positions as the chairman and key speaker. Participating in the presentation with him is Ma.Arch Hoang Le Nam, design director of Nhavui XS Studio. Opening the presentations with the topic "Planning of Bac Giang province with sustainable agricultural-rural tourism development", Mr. Phong said that Bac Giang is one of the hot spots for urban development. and industry in the process of economic shift in the life of the regional space, the change of economic growth puts great pressure on the life of the countryside as well as the architecture and planning of the countryside.



The conference was divided into two content groups. One was the planning of Bac Giang province towards sustainable development and the other was about architecture and opportunities to develop agricultural eco-tourism. From this introductory presentation, guests heard 4 other presentations by Dr.Arch Luong Tien Dung - Deputy Dean of Faculty of Urban and Rural Planning, Hanoi University of Architecture; Arch Doan Thanh Ha - Founder of H&P Architects; Mr. Le Ngoc Thuan - Chairman of Hoi An City Innovation Startup Association, co-founder of An Bang tourist village and Cui Lu art village; Arch Nguyen Pham Nhu Thuy - Standing member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Architects, Chairman of Lam Dong Young Architects Club, Director of Lam Dong Architecture Co., Ltd.


The “Bac Giang - Sacred Land” program was not only an opportunity for architects and units operating in architecture and construction field to exchange, learn, connect and contribute ideas to the strategic direction of architectural and planning development of Bac Giang province towards sustainability, in order to affirm the role and responsibility of the profession in the process of building and developing the community and society, but also an opportunity to promote and introduce cultural values. history of the land and people of Bac Giang.


As the former Chairman of Vietnam Young Architects Club for 16 consecutive years (2006-2022), Ma.Arch Nguyen Thu Phong has always played a leading role in the activities of young architects across the country under the close direction, orientation and support from leaders of Vietnam Association of Architects.