In just 2 months 6 -7/2023, Chairman - General Director of Nha Vui Company Nguyen Thu Phong and his associates had the successful report on 3 big projects in Dong Thap before Secretary of Provincial Party Committee Le Quoc Phong, representatives of provincial departments and branches, and leaders of the District Party Committee - Cao Lanh People's Committee.



Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Le Quoc Phong highly appreciated the design of Nha Vui Company. At the meeting, he gave some important notes so that Nha Vui could quickly complete the projects. The projects will be constructed and put into official operation in 2025.


Bamboo Park Project at Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area (Cao Lanh District)


The Bamboo Park at project at Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area (Cao Lanh District) with an area of 7.81ha located in Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area with a total area of 66.57 has. The project is planned with 14 items with miniature Vietnamese landscape architecture, divided into 3 routes: route 1 is the journey following Uncle Ho's footsteps recreating the historical journey of President Ho Chi Minh, route 2 is the pole and National islands, route 3 is urban and rural Vietnam recreating the cultural space of regions from North to South with outstanding highlights: Southern floating village, lotus village, Hoi An ancient town, three-room houses...



According to Nha Vui Company, the Bamboo Park project meets many important goals of the province: Conformity with planning, economic efficiency, highly attractive miniature model theme and destination brand. Besides, the project can help to build and preserve bamboo species of Vietnam and the world, educate national cultural history through the stories of President Ho Chi Minh and cultural landmarks.



Dong Thap Children's Center Project (Cao Lanh City)


The project has an area of 7.92ha in Phu My ward, Cao Lanh city. Its meets the needs of learning, creating, exchanging, enjoying, preserving culture, practicing physical training and sports; plays a key role in organizing propaganda activities for socio-political tasks in the locality; promotes the industrialization and modernization of the country; improves the spiritual life and reduces social evils. The project must meet four factors: current status of development; types of cultural, sports, specialized and general training activities; diversified age groups and children, teenagers and young adults; a lively and harmonious landscape space with identity. The project consists of 8 items divided into 2 phases: Phase 1 includes: youth activity center (existing), lotus pond, cultural institution (new construction) and art club; Phase 2 includes: water playground, square, sports area, children's playground.



According to Ma.Arch Nguyen Thu Phong, the design of Nha Vui emphasizes the vision and overallity of the whole planning campus. The overall landscape is designed in harmony, skillfully linking playgrounds, green areas, small landscape, typical lotus lake water that creating a special thematic function park with its own identity. The subdivision layout is convenient for investment divergence and later socialization.



Hoa An Historical and Cultural Park Project, Cao Lanh


The project consists of 3 spaces: commemorative space for Annam Communist Party of Dong Thap; traditional historical space of Cao Lanh city; contemporary cultural - economic - social space in Hoa An, Cao Lanh.