Architectural design competition of C&D Area’s sample villa, landscape - Golden Hills City Project, Da Nang

On December 1, 2018, Nha Vui Architecture and Construction JSC was honored to win the First Prize of Architecture Design Competition of C&D Area’s sample villa, landscape - Golden Hills City project invested by the investor - Trung Nam Group JSC and Da Nang Association of Architects. After more than 3 months of launching, Nha Vui's victory is a serious effort worthy of recognition when bringing to the huge amount of 12 high-class villa designs and 2 landscape samples for the entire 350ha Golden Hills City urban area. This award is not only the result of the experienced "leaders" but also the sweet fruit of the young generations of Nha Vui who are joining hands to follow.



Mr. Nguyen Anh Huy - Deputy General Director of Trung Nam Group JSC, a member of the Jury said: "The Jury Council highly appreciated and agreed that the design of Nha Vui Architecture and Construction JSC won the first prize because it met the goals of planning, architecture, feasibility and aesthetics... This is a project with high applicability and proper update with the development trend of the market. We will coordinate with the winning unit to build the high-class and modern villa that bring great experiences to customers.”


According to Nha Vui Company, the overall Golden Hills project is planned with many subdivisions such as completely isolated residential islands with very unique landscapes. The road network and urban landscape evoke emotions for residents and visitors to Golden Hills.


Criteria: Synchronicity - Aesthetics - Civilization - Vitality are balanced and maintained throughout the process of choosing architectural styles of living quarters. We carefully focus on age, segment, lifestyle, and target audience to bring about the effect of commercial attraction and reasonable stay.


The structure of architectural styles is organized as follows:


- Vietnamese Modern style: Zone C2 - C4 - D4 (48%)


- Contemporary style: Zone D1 - D3 (32%)


- Contemporary style - Super VIP villa: D2 (3%) is designed with 24 units separately


- Indochine style: C3 (16%)


- 8 special projects in zone B1 (1%)


This proportion of additions can still reflect the modern-contemporary character of the whole area while still having a variety of personalities and colors of the living groups with vivid architectural inspirations.



In the future, Nha Vui hopes to be able to bring its enthusiasm to mark more projects across the country, bringing the most optimal living conditions to society.