Architectural design competition of Party Provincial Committee’s Headquarter & Agencies, Quang Tri


The competition to select the architectural design for Party Provincial Committee’s Headquarter & agencies was organized by the Quang Tri Provincial Construction Investment and Construction Project Management Board, taking place from October to December 2021. Nha Vui continued to be awarded the second prize of the competition.



The project was designed on a land area of 2.7ha, Dong Ha City. The land is located in a beautiful location, on the central road of the city, the overall area has a slope following the natural hilly terrain from North to South.



Design ideas


The country has experienced many ups and downs in its history. Quang Tri - an arid land, scorched by rain and storms, bent as a place to divide the South and North through 21 years of 1954-1975, a place that suffered from fire and bombs - Quang Tri Ancient Citadel.


Quang Tri today wears new clothes, people have the right to proudly consider the Provincial Party Committee and People's Council as their home. Therefore, language and function aim to open the door together to build a rich and beautiful homeland.


Language of the overall premises: following the Vauban ramparts with the moat system to green architecture..., architectural heat, office greenhouse effect and green architectural solutions.