Architectural design competition of Cat Ba Shopping Mall, Hai Phong

In June 2021, Nha Vui continued to be honored in the three excellent units that won prizes at the Competition for Architectural Design Competition of Cat Ba Shopping Mall - Cai Gia Tourist Urban Area Project, Cat Ba (Cat Ba Amatina), Hai Phong. This is a special competition with the scale of the national and regional project. Option PP1212 - Nha Vui Company won the Third Prize (no First Prize) after more than 2 months of participation under the chairmanship of the Chairman cum General Director Ma.Arch Nguyen Thu Phong.



The competition was organized by Architecture Magazine - Vietnam Association of Architects in collaboration with the investor - Vinaconex Tourism Development and Investment JSC (Vinaconex - ITC), under the sponsor of Vietnam Association of Architects. The competition was launched with a limited entrance format, exclusively for 8 prestigious design consultancy units in the country proposed by Architecture Magazine. The objective of the competition is to find the optimal solution and meet the expectation of Cat Ba Island as one of the national and regional natural from the formation of an eco-tourism area, a convalescence suitable with cultural tourism, exploiting the tourism potential of Cat Ba island. In particular, the project is identified as the key to create a prominent highlight in the overall, develop the service complex/chain including: Entertainment - Health Care - Shopping and Experiential Discovery that contributing to affirming the size and position of the Cai Gia and Cat Ba urban area project (Cat Ba Amatina).


Evaluating the quality of the entries, the jury said that although the competition was for domestic design consultancy units, the proposals were extremely creative, unique. The quality of the proposals can be compared to the international consulting units. It demonstrated the in-depth research investment of the participating units.





Taking the main inspiration from the rock veins, the limestone formations form all over the cliffs of Cat Ba Island with the slopes crashing into the sea. It creates an unmistakably beautiful landscape that is both strong, romantic and poetic, dreamy. The work was sketched from the existing rhymes in the surrounding nature.


Cat Ba town is unique from the mountain facing the sea, the buildings are both contrasting and in tune with the regional landscape, solid and strong shapes but also full of movement and rhythm.


The era of harmonization of the lines from the ground to the diagonal position of the land creates an opening angle with the main axis, both reflected in the undulating and solid block, creating richness in the space of both urban and natural day and night.


The dominant white color and gray color make the building stand out in contrast and identify the architectural highlight of the whole area, showing the openness of commerce and attracting as a beautiful destination in terms of landscape.


The keywords are built in the design thought: "Nature & Construction" - "Congruent & Contrast" - "Inspired by the movement of rocky mountains, geomorphological terrain"…