Architectural design competition of Dak Lak Culture and Arts Center, Buon Me Thuot

From June 4-6, 2022, The Architectural Design Compaetition of Dak Lak Culture and Arts Center, Buon Me Thuot was organized by the Management Board of the civil and industrial construction investment projects, Dak Lak province for the international and national design companies.


The competition included 2 rounds to find a design that addressing the criteria of architectural sustainability and functional flexibility, creating a modern community space with dynamic, diversified functions, and meeting the needs of learning, entertainment and integral development of the community.


In addition, the spaces must be specific, creating accents in positions with great views and space at the main roads in the area. The design must ensure the trend of green architecture, ecological architecture, sustainable architecture of the times, exploiting, integrating and connect the indigenous cultural space with the city, inspire and promote the economic and tourism development.



Design concept of the Ma.Arch Nguyen Thu Phong, Chairman cum General Director of Nha Vui Company, the project’s leader:


With the "topic" given by the Organizing Committee, in order to have a "beautiful - impressive - symbolic - lively – versatile” that be suitable for major festivals", Ma.Arch Nguyen Thu Phong and the XS Team designed it by mixing the architectural form. It is the place "converging at the flowing water, the great waterfalls which bring the majestic and indomitable appearance of the nature and people of the central highlands". Those are the rows of long houses that are combined with high and low shapes in a whole to focus on embracing a square larger than 1 hectare with the ability to organize large festive events. The deep setback from the 6 intersection helps the 7-storey building (25m high) run horizontally to change direction like an arc of waterfalls, gathering water to hold people, glowing both day and night vividly.


Perspective sketch of Ma.Arch Nguyen Thu Phong


Although the design only won the Consolation Prize, Nha Vui's Project P212 was considered as a miracle plan that contributing new and profound ideas to life.