Architectural design competition of Trade Union Activity Center, Binh Duong

On February 21, 2019, Nha Vui Architecture and Construction JSC was honored to win the second prize of "Architectural design Competition of Trade Union Activity Center, Binh Duong Province" organized by the Labor Confederation of Binh Duong Province.


After many months of launching to seek the creativity of Planning - Architecture units on a nationwide scale, Nha Vui Company was honored to win the Second Prize as a worthy recognition of all efforts of the participating team. With the guidance of experienced Directors and the creative youth of the new design team, Nha Vui has proven its durability amidst the development of the Architecture and Construction industry in Vietnam.



Trade Union Activity Center, Binh Duong Province is located at 499 Dr. Yersin Street, Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot City with the scale of 6,991 m2. This is a complex work with many functions for serving officials, union members and workers such as: Trade Union Support Center (Union supermarket, legal consultancy center, capital support fund for employees). ...); Conference and event center; Traditional room; Office; Union guesthouse; Training center for trade union cadres;…



The project of Binh Duong’s Labor Confederation Headquater, implemented by Nha Vui, was highly appreciated by the Council for the design project, based on the inspiration of a project converging the following factors:


1. Aesthetics of Modern, pioneering, international-integrated architecture representing the spirit of the Binh Duong’s workforce, the leading dynamic economic city in Vietnam;


2. Healthy building layout, good approach and vision create a highlight of urban space and at the same time harmonize space and regional traffic;


3. Versatile and variety functional solutions that adapt to the needs of a conference center - office - commerce and entertainment for a large number of employees.